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Save Elementor Pro form submissions to the database

Form Widget of Elementor Pro allows you to create responsive forms easily and in a timely manner. But there is a small (might be big for you) limitation , that it cannot save data of the form submissions in database. So here is our small effort to fill this gap – Form Vibes

Form Vibes allows you to save Elementor Pro Form submission into the DB (database). 
In other words it is a simple plug ‘n’ play plugin. Just install it on WordPress websites and it will start capturing form submissions.

Installation and Configuration Process:

1.Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.

installing form vibes

2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

activating form vibes plugin

Form Vibes Usage

Form Vibes saves data of the various form submissions in tabular format . Data representation is in row and column basis. Rows define entries made through a particular form, where as the column represent fields used in the forms.

Representation of elementor data in form vibes
Data Report

What More it offers

Data Export

You can export data to CSV(Comma Sepetared Values) files. To export data to a CSV file you need to select a plugin and the desired form for which you want data to be exported.After that clicking on the button shown below a file start downloading which contains form data.

creating csv file of elementor form data useing form vibes
Export CSV

field visibility in form vibes of elementor form field
Custom Field Labels


Analytics allows you to track the performance of your forms. It also allows you to view the total number of entries to your form on daily, weekly and monthly basis. You need to select a plugin and the desired form for which you want to get the graphical report. Thereafter the reports are generated in form of a bar chart,depicting the entire details of the lead generated for a particular selected interval of time.

graphical representaion of elementor form data
Monthly Analysis

graphical representaion on monthly basis of elementor data
Selecting Data Range

Dashboard widget

It provides a quick stats and analytics from your WordPress Admin Dashboard screen.The bar chart displays the leads generated on the page. It also shows the count of the total number of entries made through all the forms.

showing dashboard widget of elementor form using form vibes
Dashboard Widget

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