WooCommerce Related Products: How to Promote Extra Purchases?

Are you looking for a way to increase your revenue and close more sales? Then indeed, you have landed in the right place.

WooCommerce Related Products are the best way to do that. It will make sure you don’t just sell one product, but also the other related ones, so it’s easier for the customers to buy more products. You can use this feature on any of your existing products or create new ones with this in mind. The possibilities are endless!

With WooCommerce, you can offer related items from various categories on the same page with no additional work! As a result, customers who are browsing through your store will be able to see what else they might like without having to search elsewhere. This makes it easy for them and saves time too! And if they do decide that something else would suit their needs better than what they were initially looking at, then all of those extra clicks will have been worth it because now they’ve bought something else from your store too!

The best part about that is there is no limit on how many items you can show per category – so go ahead and add as many as you need!

Basically, there are three ways in WooCommerce to display product relations – Up-Sell, Cross-Sell, and Related Products; you can go through a complete tutorial to better understand all the Different Product Relations.

In this tutorial, we will be covering the WooCommerce Related Product functionality in detail. But before that, ensure that you have added products to your WooCommerce site; you can check out a complete tutorial on How To Add Products In WooCommerce.

What are Related Products? and why are they important?  

Related products indicate the items that will be useful to the customer along with the main product. For example, you can guide him to buy antivirus software for security for a buyer buying a laptop. In a way making the buyers make more purchases from your site and, intern increases your sales.

Importance of adding related products to your site!

  • Increase Sales: Encouraging customers to buy more products will automatically increase your store sales and generate more revenue.
  • Retain Old Customer’s Satisfaction: Selling more to the old customers is easy compared to the new. Reaching out to old customers and suggesting them products based on their past orders can get you more orders.
  • Customer Friendly: As related products are displayed on the cart page or product page, there is no need to create a separate page to reveal related items. So this will give the customers ease to select products on the same page without navigating elsewhere.
  • Customer Satisfaction: By displaying related products, you offer suggestions to the customer before they search for them. As customers get recommendations based on the product they are currently viewing, it will make your customers happy and satisfied.

WooCommerce Related Products 

In the WooCommerce, Related Products feature, the product recommendations are based on the product your customer is currently viewing. The Related Products are showcased to let your customers make more purchases, including their current viewing.

In this case, products with similar categories and tags are displayed together as Related Products. Again, this is completely an automated process; you cannot alter how the products are displayed.

Related products are usually displayed on the product page underneath the product description. So, for example, if a customer views a t-shirt, related products will be a t-shirt with a different style or a hoodie based on the category like clothing.

WooCommerce Related Products

How To Add WooCommerce Related Products

To add related products to your store, go to the product page for which you want to add related products. Under the Categories and Tags, meta boxes assign the product category and tag accordingly.

related products in woocommerce


If you want more sales and close a deal faster than ever before, make sure that this feature is present in your e-commerce store. It will also increase the number of items available, so customers are encouraged with new possibilities when choosing what they would like best out of many.

All the types of product relations like Up-Sell, Cross-Sell, and Related Products are marketing strategies meant to increase your revenue by selling more and more products to your customers.

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