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For those who prefer short reading, WPVibes is a WordPress Development agency from India. We specialize in WordPress plugin development and are known for our quality product and support. We don’t just build plugins; we create solutions for your business. Our plugins are used on more than 2 lac websites worldwide, and it’s all thanks to our customers who keep us going strong!

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Seems like you are interested in learning more about us and our journey. So let’s start from the beginning.
My name is Anand Upadhyay, and I am the founder of WPVibes. I have been working on WordPress since 2010 (from the inception of my career). After working in various organizations for 5 years, I started my entrepreneurial journey that gave birth to WPVibes. Initially, we were just a team of two – Me and my life partner, Pooja Derashri. We were building websites for clients from different parts of the world.

Jumping into WordPress plugin development

In 2016, I accidentally came across Elementor (one of the most popular Page Builder plugins currently). It was in its very early face. Nevertheless, I got interested in it and started exploring possibilities. And then, we released our first plugin on “Elementor Addon Elements“. It was the first-ever Elementor addon published on the WordPress plugin repository. The response was excellent, much more extensive than what I had expected.

In March 2017, we released our first paid plugin, “AnyWhere Elementor Pro“. This release was a big success. It was a small plugin with limited functionalities, but we were bombarded with feedback and feature requests. Realizing the opportunity to grow, it was now the time to bring in another team member who could help accelerate the development. My childhood friend Hemant Tejwani put his faith in my ideas and future vision and joined our team.

Since then, our primary focus has been on developing plugins for WordPress.


Leadership Team

Anand Upadhyay

Co - Founder

Pooja Derashri

Co - Founder

Our Product

We’ve been developing WordPress plugins for years and know what makes a good one. Our team members create quality products that meet the guidelines of this popular platform, giving you robust features without sacrificing functionality or design aesthetics!

Opensource contributions

Being a part of the WordPress community is an honour and we take pride in giving back. Many members of our team contribute through various channels like core, training, meta, community, polyglots and others.

We work, We enjoy, We Celebrate