8 Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins(2024)

Are you looking for the best Gutenberg blocks plugins for your WordPress site?

Gutenberg is the future of WordPress. It’s an entirely new way to edit your website, and it’s going to change everything about how we build websites in the future. But there are so many different Gutenberg plugins available that it can be challenging to know which ones are the best for your needs.

This article will talk about the eight best Gutenberg blocks plugins that are definitely useful for your next WordPress-based website.

What are Gutenberg Blocks?  

Gutenberg is a new block-based editor for WordPress, which helps you create and edit your content with ease. It is pretty different from the generic old classic editor. Basically, in Gutenberg, there are blocks, each having a specific function to perform. For example, there is a heading block to add a heading and a paragraph block to create a paragraph.

WordPress’s Block Editor can do a lot on its own. However, owing to its block-based architecture, it opens up endless possibilities for development and imagination. In addition, there are thousands of plugins available that aim to make users more comfortable with it.

To learn more about the latest additions to the core Gutenberg library of WordPress, Click here.

There are two types of WordPress block plugins available in the market.

1. Single Purpose Block Plugins

Single-purpose plugins are very popular. They generally specialize in one specific feature and provide a neat solution for what you are trying to do. They focus on a single set of features; for example, the WPForms plugin for Gutenberg offers functionality to create WordPress forms.

2. Gutenberg Block Libraries

On the other hand, the Block Libraries plugins are a collection of many different block elements combined together in a single plugin.

Here in this tutorial, we will cover free plugins that offer a handful of functionalities.

Top Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins

You might find the default block lacking some features, but luckily, some plugins add unique blocks to the editor. Of course, the best plugins depend on the type of work you’re doing and the degree of control and customization required.

However, here are a few that can help make your website more contemporary.

1. Spectra – WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Spectra
WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Spectra

Ultimate Addon for Gutenberg is one of the most popular addons for Gutenberg. It has more than 3,00,000 active installs. This plugin comes with more than 20 new blocks that will help you create great websites.

Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg is a free plugin that can be easily downloaded from the WordPress repository. Some of their blocks, like Table of Content, Marketing Button, Info Box, and How To Schema block, are of great use. Apart from this, they have excellent documentation and support to guide you.

2. CoBlocks by GoDaddy

WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: CoBlocks
WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: CoBlocks

If you are looking for a free alternative, then Coblock by Godaddy is an excellent option. It has more than 5,50,000 active installs, and over 200+ blocks are included in its library. It supports all kinds of basic to advanced Gutenberg blocks that you need the most. You can create any kind of layout with this plugin easily. CoBlocks gives you an authentic page builder experience for Gutenberg.

Even though it is compatible with any WordPress theme, the Go-free theme in the WordPress theme repository makes a wonderful companion for CoBlocks.

3. Kadence Blocks For Gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Kadence
WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Kadence

A collection of carefully constructed blocks, Kadence Blocks is a plugin that adds Gutenberg blocks with ease. Row block layout, Tab block, Accordion block, Post blocks, and other features are included in this plugin. This plugin also includes a premium version for building more complex layouts. It also comes with a pre-built library that’s easy to use.

If you want to build websites with complicated layouts while maintaining control over columns, rows, spacing, and more, Kadence Blocks is worth considering.

4. Otter Blocks

WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Otter Blocks
WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Otter Blocks

Otter is a WordPress block editor add-on that provides you with a variety of page-building components and templates. It’s a simple and lightweight plugin which will not hamper your site’s performance.

Otter block comes with 19 new and advanced blocks like plugin card block, Lottie Animation Block, Post Grid Block, Product Review Block, Service Block, and many more additional blocks.

Designers who wish to create beautiful yet conversion-focused sites may want to use the Otter blocks plugin with Neve, the company’s flagship theme.

5. Stackable

WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Stackable
WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Stackable

Stackable is a powerful WordPress block with 27 flexible Gutenberg blocks. This plugin is a solid all-purpose tool, providing valuable functionalities for bloggers, e-commerce site owners, and small businesses. You can also pick up the Stackable theme, which is created to work seamlessly with both the Block Editor and this plugin’s added features.

6. Ultimate Blocks

WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Ultimate Blocks
WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks for Gutenberg plugin comes with 18 blocks that will ease your website design journey. Bloggers and marketers will definitely benefit from the use of this Block plugin. It comes with a variety of blocks, including the Review Block, How To Schema Block, Call To Action Block, and others that will undoubtedly assist bloggers.

7. Essential Blocks – Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks, Patterns & Templates

WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Essential Blocks
WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Essential Blocks

Essential Blocks is a collection of Gutenberg blocks that can help you quickly build any kind of site with the new block editor. Using these blocks gives you more control so that you can create and launch pages faster than ever before!

This plugin has 40+ blocks that will make your website run more smoothly. For example, the accordion block makes adding an accordion easy.

8. Combo Blocks

WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Combo Blocks
WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin: Combo Blocks

Combo Blocks is a collection of Gutenberg blocks for Landing Page Builders, Blog Builders, eCommerce Builders, Niche Site Builders, News Site Builders, and More. It has some powerful blocks, such as Post Grid, Form Maker, Popup Maker, WooCommerce Blocks, Post Blocks, and Post Carousel. The plugin works best with the block editor for creating page content and post grid layouts.

They have 45+ blocks to enhance the page editing experience with Block Editor. The most popular block is the post grid that showcases your posts in a beautiful way.

Use the Gutenberg Block Plugins in WordPress

It’s super easy to get started using your new blocks, no matter which of the finest WordPress block plugins you select.

Once you install and activate your chosen plugin, you will get a new section for each plugin in your block list. Moreover, you can search for the block by typing its name.

Gutenberg Blocks
Gutenberg Blocks


WordPress users who want to create content faster, the Block Editor is for you. There are plenty of Gutenberg plugins that extend their functionality with new blocks. The eight we highlighted should give you some ideas about how this editor can be useful while creating content for your website. We hope these brief reviews have been helpful!

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