How To Let Customers Cancel Orders In WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins for creating an e-commerce store. It provides you with easy customization steps and functionalities to set up your store.

In WooCommerce, customers can easily place an order in just one go. They need to add items to the cart and then proceed to the checkout page, make payment, and that’s when they have successfully placed the order. The order status is automatically updated based on each stage.

However, when it comes to canceling the order, the process is not that simple. When a customer decides to cancel a particular order, he needs to contact the store owner to cancel his order. Thus, this process takes a bit longer as there is a manual interaction between the store owner and the customer.

As WooCommerce does not provide customers with an option to cancel orders, customers are bound to contact the store owner.  However, there were times when they couldn’t contact the store as the store was closed or the admin did not respond. Customers can face many difficulties like this.

So there has to be a solution to make this process more simplified and convenient for the customers. Just think, what if you provide your customers with a solution to cancel their orders with one click from their dashboard?

To provide the customers ease of canceling orders, you need to install the plugin Swiss Knife for WooCommerce. This plugin allows account-holding customers to cancel an order with a button’s click rather than sending a message or making a call. It also makes it easier for the site admins to manage the cancellation process.

Therefore, in this tutorial, we will be going through the steps to set up the Customer End’s Order Cancellation process.

Pre Configuration Requirements  

The first thing you need to do is install and activate the plugin following plugins.

Configuration Settings  

Once you have activated both the plugins, navigate through your WordPress Admin dashboard and click on WooCommerce -> Settings.

Under the WooCommerce settings page, click on the Swiss Knife -> Cancel Order. You will see some settings related to the Cancel Order feature.

Swiss Knife: Cancel Order Settings
Swiss Knife: Cancel Order Settings
  • Under the Order Status option, select the statuses for which you want your customers to cancel their order, like Pending Payment, Processing, On Hold, Completed, etc.
  • Then, add the button text and a custom notice to be displayed.
  • Next, give some styling to the Cancel button, like choosing a background color and the button text color.
  • Once done, click on the Save Changes button.

How will the Customers Cancel the Order?

Once you have set the configuration settings as a site admin, customers can cancel their orders under the My Account -> Order.

Cancel Order Option on frontend
Cancel Order Option on frontend

All your pending orders will be displayed; click on the Cancel Order button next to the order you want to cancel. Placed orders will be automatically canceled once the customer clicks on the Cancel Order button.

Wrapping Up

That’s it; hopefully, using this feature on your WooCommerce site will give your customers a more simplified way to Cancellation. It will also reduce the burden of site administrators to manage the cancellation process.

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