Make Repeat Orders In WooCommerce With Just 1 Click

Do you own a WooCommerce store and want to increase the number of customers? Then this tutorial is exactly for you.

The main focus of any e-commerce store is to get customers’ orders and increase sales. One of the most effective ways to get more orders can be through existing customers, as there are more chances that they will need the same previously bought items again.

Just imagine you run an online pharmacy store; it is more likely that your customers will need to regularly refill the same medicines they purchased before. If they have to search for the same items each time they want to place an order and then add those items to the cart, and then go to checkout, it will be a monotonous process. This intern will decrease the customers’ chances of returning to your website, and they will start looking for better alternatives.

If you want to turn your one-time customers into repeat customers, you should provide them with the ease to reorder the same products repeatedly without going through a series of steps.

By now, you would be wondering how I should incorporate this functionality in my WooCommerce site so that I get more customer orders. The simplest way you can achieve this is by using the plugin Swiss Knife For WooCommerce.

By adding this plugin to your WooCommerce site, you can let customers make Repeat Orders with just one click without any hazel. So, let’s dive into the process of setting up the Repeat Order feature for our e-commerce site.

Before moving on, please make sure that you have activated the WooCommerce plugin on your site.

Step 1:  Plugin Installation 

Navigate to your WordPress Admin dashboard and go to Plugins -> Add New.

In the Search bar, look for the Swiss Knife for the WooCommerce plugin and then Install the setup.

Swiss Knife For WooCommerce Plugin
Swiss Knife For WooCommerce Plugin

Once the installation is complete, click on the Activate button and activate the plugin.

Swiss Knife For WooCommerce Plugin
Swiss Knife For WooCommerce Plugin

Step 2: Configuration Settings 

After Activating the plugins, Go to WooCommerce -> Settings; then, under the Settings page, click on the Swiss Knife -> Repeat Order.

Swiss Knife: Repeat Order Settings
Swiss Knife: Repeat Order Settings

Here on the Repeat Order setting page, you will see some configuration settings, which you can set as Store Admins.

  • Under the Order Status option, you need to select the status you want your customers to apply for the Repeat Order option. You can determine multiple order statuses: Pending Payment, Processing, On Hold, Completed, Cancelled, Refunded, or Failed, where you want to display the Reorder option for your customers.
  • Next, define the button text, and then add a text message you want to show on the Cart as Notice.
  • Under the Cart Type, select the Merge Cart option to let the customer reorder the previously bought items along with the new items, or select the Replace Cart option to allow customers to order only the previously ordered items, removing the other items in their cart.
  • Next, set the Redirect To page, where you would like to redirect the customer once they click on the Repeat Order button, the Checkout Page, or the Cart Page.
  • Next, you can give some styling to your button, Like choosing a background color for the button and the button text.

Once done, Save the changes.

Frontend Functioning 

To make Repeat Orders, Customers need to click on My Account Page>> Order.

You will see a Repeat Order button on all your past orders.

WooCommerce Repeat Order on Frontend
WooCommerce Repeat Order on Frontend

On clicking on the Repeat Order button customer will be redirected directly to the Cart Page or Checkout page and make payment.

That’s it; customers can reorder items in just one go without any hazel.

Wrapping Up

Allowing the customers to reorder the items will make your site more user-friendly and give them more flexibility and a better user experience. Let your customers repeat orders again and again with just one click.

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