WooCommerce Product Page: How to Customize its Design & Layout

WooCommerce product page is the one that visitors see before deciding to buy a product. It’s a place to list all information about an item and make it look attractive so that people can buy your product with no doubts. For unique products, it’s equally important to have unique product pages!

The default WooCommerce product pages do have good-looking designs that function well as expected but nothing special enough to catch anyone’s eye. Sometimes you need a little something extra.

WooCommerce provides template files for creating your design or modifying the layouts of a product page. But most of these templates are designed to be applied to every WooCommerce product page, so it becomes difficult if you want something different on just one specific page. So how do we apply a template file only when needed?
In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a template and apply it on only one product page, and also, we’ll see how to use this custom template across all product pages.

What are the requirements to customize the WooCommerce Product Page?

 For this tutorial, you need to have a working WordPress site with WooCommerce added to it. And also, Elementor Page builder installed. Since we will be creating our custom template, we will be using a plugin – AnyWhere Elementor Pro to get the desired layout.

Here is the overview of how our Product Page will look like in the frontend.

WooCommerce Single Product Page

How To Create a Single Page Template 

1.  Creating a Post Template: 

Navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard, click on the AE Template >> Add New, give your template name, and do the following configurations under the AnyWhere Elementor Settings.

  • In Render Mode, select Post Template as we are creating a template for a single post.
  • Next, select Products in Post Type.
  • In Preview Post, please select an existing Product by typing its title. This post is used to show preview data while creating the layout.
  • Check the Auto Apply option to apply this template for all WooCommerce product pages. If you are creating a layout for a specific product, you need to uncheck this option.

Once done, edit the template in Elementor.

2. Adding the Product Widget  

You might have noticed that a detail product page contains many elements like the Product Title, Product Price, Product Image, etc. Here in this tutorial we have used the AnyWhere Elementor widget for WooCommerce(AE- Woo). So now, lets start adding the appropriate widgets to get a proper layout for our product page.

Product Title

The AE- Woo Product Title widget controls the style and layout of the product title.

Product Price  

The AE – Woo Price widget allows you to set the product price position and style.

Product rating

AE – Woo Rating widget lets you display your product ratings. Ratings encourage customers to buy your product and also help in building product authenticity.

Product Description

Use the AE -Woo Description widget to display some information related to the product.

AddTo Cart

Add the Call To Action button using the AE -Woo Add To Cart widget, this element is the most important aspect of any product page.

Product Meta

Add the AE – Woo Category widget to display categories and tags related to the product.

Product Image

Use the AE – Woo Gallery widget to display product-related images. Displaying product pages helps the customers to get an overview of the product they are interested in.

Other Additional Information

To display more information related to the product, use the AE – Woo Tab widget.

Preview & Publish the Product Page

Preview your design to ensure that you have attained the desired layout. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, just hit the Publish button to make your template live.


You’ve seen how AnyWhere Elementor gives you the design flexibility to customize your WooCommerce Product page comfortably. You can easily create a custom layout that suits not just your needs but also what customers want! With its different AE-Templates, there are so many options for customization and styling available.

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